About Sihle

Sihle Insurance Group provides tailored solutions for insurance, financial services and risk management for your individual needs. With a focus on commercial and personal property and casualty coverages, employee benefits including retirement/life insurance solutions and payroll services, we are able to offer the best results through carrier relationships and broad market representation. “The difference is service” has been the essence of our company since it was founded by Jerry Sihle in 1974.

As the founder and sole employee, Jerry brought drive, motivation, strategic planning, and vision to establish Sihle Insurance Group. Since that time Sihle has grown to be one of the largest privately held agencies in Florida, consistently ranking in the “Top 100” countrywide. While following our guiding principles, Sihle Insurance Group has become one of the Southeast’s premier insurance agencies offering the finest insurance products and services through a professional, personalized approach.

We will, without excuses, take overt actions to align our performance with our philosophy – “The Difference is Service”.

We are united as a company, working to provide our clients, employees, carriers and community a partnership that delivers the industry’s highest quality of insurance services. As we continue into the next 40 years, we will proudly deliver service, solutions and success.

Sihle Insurance Group strives to be creative and resourceful in providing optimal outcomes that are specific to each business or organization. We think outside the box to bring alternative solutions to our clients. We have developed a leaner, more aggressive model that ultimately results in a comprehensive insurance and risk management solution addressing all of the costs that impact your organization’s bottom line. This reflects our philosophy established 40 years ago, “The Difference is Service”. You can expect more from Sihle Insurance Group because that’s what we promise to provide.

With thousands of clients, our team is presented with challenges on a daily basis. However, we welcome the opportunity to overcome obstacles earning our client’s trust and respect. Our organization has sustained considerable growth even through trying economic times, but we have never lost sight of our core values or this belief:

“Everything we touch, we can make better.”
Our leadership team is comprised of Jerry Sihle, Chief Executive Officer and President; and Lou Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer. Additionally, our two directors include Ken Riccard, Director of Personal Lines and Greg Nulph, Director of Finance. Working together to strengthen and maintain the founding principles Sihle Insurance Group was built upon, this team assures our sustained growth into the future.

Together we have learned that these things define the strategic advantage that sets Sihle Insurance Group apart from the competition: the ability to take decisive action at the right time, recognize and reward talent, maximize the allocation and use of our resources, and invest in our business and see the big picture.


Jerry Sihle

Jerry Sihle

Jerry Sihle, our Chief Executive Officer, founded Sihle Insurance Group over 40 years ago. Today he still walks the halls overseeing the operations, interacts daily with our team, and always looks for areas of improvement.

Jerry built a solid foundation and charted a path that will help accomplish our vision: to remain a leading, family-held and operated, independent insurance organization for generations to come.


Traci Sihle

Traci Sihle, who is a graduate of University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, works closely with our Personal Lines Division, and has been in the insurance industry for the past 6 years. Ms. Sihle has been successful in building business relationships and strengthening existing ones. Her leadership and creative capabilities have proven valuable in branding Sihle Insurance Group as a premier insurance agency in the state of Florida.

Traci joined Sihle Insurance Group as a full-time employee in 2008 after graduating from the University of Florida. Since focusing her full-time efforts on Sihle Insurance Group, she has helped Sihle achieve success,leading Sihle in becoming the 28th largest independent personal lines agency in the country. Traci also serves as the liaison for Sihle’s charitable efforts ensuring Sihle continually gives back to our community. Traci was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for Ronald McDonald House.

Traci is a licensed 220 General Lines Property and Casualty insurance agent and she looks forward to carrying the agency’s reputation of trust and integrity to future generations of Sihle Insurance Group customers.


Michael Sihle

Mike Sihle, our Vice President, helped pioneer our core business strategies, creative compensation policies, and infrastructure that have been crucial in our success. Mike also designed, developed, and managed the construction of our industry-leading 40,000 sq. ft. home office facility.

He currently oversees Sihle Insurance Group’s properties, meets quarterly with the family and leadership team, and helps to navigate the direction and future of Sihle Insurance Group.

Louis Mitchell Chief Operating Officer

Louis Mitchell
Chief Operating Officer

Lou Mitchell was born and raised in Washington DC, proudly attended West Virginia University. After graduating college he worked for Sears Roebuck in Orlando, in their management training program. There he learned the strong leadership and management skills he would later incorporate throughout his career. After that, he was recruited by a local bonding insurance agency which was his segue into the insurance industry. Lou quickly developed a keen understanding of the bond business, and the importance of reading and understanding financial statements. He furthered his knowledge base by working for a leading construction agency, selling to and managing clients throughout Central Florida until he was offered the opportunity to join the early leadership team of Insurance Office of Florida. Lou joined their team and helped them create operating procedures, manage growth and develop a corporate culture that would pave the way for them to become Insurance Office of America.

Lou ultimately joined Sihle Insurance Group as our Director of Commercial Insurance, bringing the drive, culture and expertise needed to ensure Sihle Insurance Group achieves our goals and vision. Today, as Chief Operating Officer, Lou utilizes the skills learned in the early bond days, monitoring our financial strength, while bringing the leadership skills needed to maximize our team’s performance. Lou plays an irreplaceable role in our company and assists in our vision to remain a leading, family-owned and managed insurance agency for generations to come.

Kenneth Riccard Director of Personal Lines

Kenneth Riccard
Director of Personal Lines

Ken Riccard started his insurance career with the Prudential Life Insurance Company in 1990, following in his father’s footsteps, who was District Manager for Prudential. Ken was a District Agent for Prudential, and quickly became part of the Million Dollar Club. He was later introduced to the property and casualty side of the business, proudly joining the Allstate Insurance team in 1994. As an exclusive Agent Owner, Ken was on the Allstate fast track. He received the Rookie of the Year Award, was a member of the Chairman’s Club, and eventually opened his own office. After several years of storms and hurricanes, Ken knew the direct writer’s marketplace would soon tighten and he made the switch to the independent agency side. Never looking back, Ken thrived in this arena, later joining Sihle Insurance Group in 2009. Ken’s passion, focus, and knowledge have always been in personal lines.

Since joining our team in 2009, Ken has been instrumental in our success in personal lines. Ken brought innovative tools and marketing ideas, which together, helped Sihle become the 28th largest independent personal lines agency in the nation. In 2011, Ken became Director of Personal Lines and part of the Executive Team.

Since that time, Sihle has achieved top-tier recognition with most personal lines carriers, and has continually been recognized as a CHUBB Cornerstone Agency four years running becoming their 8th largest agency nationwide. Sihle has also received numerous awards like the Safeco Presidents Award, American Integrity Diamond Award and Integrity Insurance Chairman’s Conference. Ken sits on several boards and advisory councils for auto and homeowner markets, strengthening our relationships while keeping ahead of the curve for marketplace trends.

Greg Nulph Director of Finance

Greg Nulph
Director of Finance

Greg Nulph was born in Butler Pennsylvania, but spent the majority of his life living in Central Florida. Greg attended the University of Central Florida and grew up around the insurance business. In fact, his father, Ron Nulph, helped develop and manage Sihle Insurance Group’s Employee Benefits Department until his retirement in 2005. After college, Greg went to work for HRH Insurance of Orlando in their finance department. Always having a keen sense for numbers, Greg was naturally drawn to the finance side of the business. While at HRH, Greg quickly learned the importance of creating detailed reports, further maximizing the agency management system, which provides our leadership team the ability to know exactly where the company stands financially at any time.

As Sihle Insurance Group grew, there was a need for a key person with the understanding of the financial aspect of the business, but one who was also knowledgeable in insurance. It was clear that Greg was our candidate, and he was hired in 2004 to work alongside the office manager and accounting team. He brought his knowledge and understanding of finance, accounting, and insurance to help create new agency standards. This included a more detailed breakdown of accounting, and numerous reports now being used daily in our business. After performing at such a high level, Greg was asked to join our Executive Team as Director of Finance in 2011. Today Greg plays a key role in watching our numbers, and protecting our strength and stability as we continue our growth into the years ahead.