Meet the Family

Jerry Sihle - CEO

Jerry Sihle

Jerry Sihle, our Chief Executive Officer, founded Sihle Insurance Group over 40 years ago. Today he still walks the halls overseeing the operations interacting daily with our team, always looking for areas we can improve.

Jerry built a solid foundation and set a path that will help accomplish our vision to remain a leading, family-held and operated, independent insurance organization for generations to come.

Traci Sihle, our Corporate Secretary, works closely with our Personal Lines Division, continually building new relationships, and strengthening existing ones.

Traci helps create strong partnerships and lead sources that together have helped us achieve our success, becoming the 28th largest independent personal lines agency in the country.  Traci also serves as the liaison for Sihle’s charitable contributions ensuring we continually give back to our community.


Michael Sihle

Mike Sihle, our Vice President, helped pioneer our core business strategies, creative compensation policies, and infrastructure that has been crucial in our success. Mike also designed, developed, and managed the construction our industry leading 40,000 sq. ft. home office facility.

He currently oversees Sihle Insurance Group’s properties, while meeting quarterly with the family and leadership team helping navigate the direction and future of Sihle Insurance Group.