Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is comprised of Jerry Sihle, Chief Executive Officer, Mike Sihle, President, and Traci Sihle, Co-Owner and Corporate Secretary. Strengthening the team is Lou Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer, Ken Riccard, Director of Personal Lines, and Greg Nulph, Director of Finance. Working together to maintain the founding principles Sihle Insurance Group was built upon, this team assures our sustained growth into the future.

Together we have learned that these things define the strategic advantage that sets Sihle Insurance Group apart from the competition: the ability to take decisive action at the right time, recognize and reward talent, maximize the allocation and use of our resources, and invest in our business and see the big picture.

Jerry Sihle

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Sihle


Traci Sihle

Corporate Secretary/New Business Marketing

Louis Mitchell

Chief Operating Officer

Greg Nulph

Director of Finance & Operations

Ken Riccard

Director of Personal Lines