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Big Fun Without The Big Fee

Recently, WalletHub named Florida the second most fun state in the US. While we are thrilled at the esteemed placement, we took a deeper dive into the rankings, and how being fun means a higher exposure to risks.

You can click here for the full article, but the methodology was based on these categories:

Entertainment & Recreation

No one does entertainment the way Florida does. Once your jaw comes up off the floor from our beaches and theme parks with award winning hospitality, you can look at the remaining factors of golf courses, overall weather, restaurants, events, and overall spending. While we are fortunate to have all of these things to offer, it also means an increased risk for businesses when it comes to protecting employees, patrons, and being in high traffic areas. It also means those of us who call Florida home are at an increased risk on the road.


Florida offers amazing nightlife for locals and travelers. With bars and entertainment comes an increased risk for business owners and locals alike. Whether you are heading out on the town in the Milk District in Orlando or partying on I Drive, there are risks associated with ride sharing, atmosphere, areas of highly concentrated crowds, and more.

We’ve called this state home for 45 years, and while we think it should absolutely be named the number one place for fun, we’ve worked to transfer the risks that comes with playing host to travelers and locals.

If you own a business in Florida, connect with one of our commercial agents here to talk about the unique risks you face in this fun atmosphere.

If you’re someone who calls Florida home, connect with one of our personal lines agents here to discover ways to keep your homeowner and auto policies at great rates while making sure you are protected from anything that may be an unintended consequence from all of this fun.

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