Identity Fraud Protection

This week, the top trending application is one familiar to you if you've been on social media. FaceApp takes a current photo of you and transforms it to give you a glimpse into the future. The problem? Once you allow FaceApp access to your photo, you give it...

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Fourth of July Insurance Risks to Avoid

The fun and frivolity of July 4th brings a whole slew of risks. We chatted with our Personal Lines Sales Manager Catina McKenzie and Insurance Agent Eric Dudley about the unique high risk environment the Fourth of July presents us with. Take a look at the most common...

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Big Fun Without The Big Fee

Recently, WalletHub named Florida the second most fun state in the US. While we are thrilled at the esteemed placement, we took a deeper dive into the rankings, and how being fun means a higher exposure to risks. You can click here for the full article, but the...

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Congratulations to our Graduates!

It's the season for graduation ceremonies, and we wanted to be sure to congratulate the 2019 graduates from our Sihle Insurance Group team members. Join us as we wish them the best for whatever the future may hold. Our Vice President of Personal Lines, Ken Riccard,...

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How College Grads Will Impact Your Insurance

It's graduation time, which means millions of college educated adults will be entering the real world. With that in mind, our partners at Chubb have compiled a few things that should be top of mind for new graduates and their parents: • Risks related to living on...

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Driverless Trucks Tested in Tampa

Early today, (May 13th), Starsky Robotics started testing driverless semi-trucks on the elevated parts of the Selmon Expressway in Tampa. Testing is planned through Wednesday of this week, with the vehicles being controlled by technology as a human driver is in place...

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Don’t Let Your Vacation Be Stolen

The latest trend in cyber threats? Hackers are out to steal your trips. Along with the fast moving cyber attacks we see every day on businesses, your personal data is at risk. USA Today put together a complete and concise look at how to protect yourself you can read...

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Road Rage: Are You Covered?

Construction. Accidents. Rain Delays. Central Florida is home to a wide variety of issues causing headaches to drivers. All of them can lead to road rage. So what exactly happens when a road rage incident escalates? Are you covered? In many auto insurance policies...

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2019 Hurricane Season Predictions Are In

Colorado State University has released its annual hurricane outlook. This coming 2019 season is predicted to have a total of 13 named storms, five hurricanes, and two major hurricanes. You can read the detailed report here, but this year's forecast "closely matches...

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Pet Insurance Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

If you're one of the 68% of Americans who have a pet as part of the family, you could find yourself in a position where you have to pay out-of-pocket for an expensive emergency. In 2017, U.S. pet owners spent more than $1 Billion on pet insurance, with 2019 estimates...

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Top Seven Distractions for Drivers

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. While external factors are all around us (especially with the year-round construction season in Florida), we wanted to remind you of the top issues facing you on the roads. According to the CDC, here are the...

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Wearables at Work

64% of companies on the 100 Healthiest Employers in America offer telehealth. 35% incorporate wearable devices. – Digital Commerce Wearable technology: it's not just for you and your friends to compete in closing your rings anymore. More and more workplaces are...

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