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Protecting Your Jewelry

It's the nightmare no one wants to face: that beautiful moment where you propose to the partner of your dreams, only to have the unthinkable happen: the ring is lost. Thankfully, the couple in this video was reunited with their ring. (You can read the full story...

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Weekly Rewind Nov. 30th 2018

The last week of November has been packed full of prepping for events, covering the topic of cyber, and spending time in the community. In case you missed it: Cyber Monday brought up the topic of Cyber Security. It's a booming business on both ends: those who want to...

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OSHA Crane Operator Ruling

In an effort to keep you informed on the latest rulings and regulations, we wanted to draw your attention to the recent decision from OSHA regarding crane operator certification requirements. Overall, the ruling maintains the responsibility on the part of the employer...

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2019 Insurance Pricing Forecast

Sihle Insurance Group is taking a look at the latest Moody’s Investors Service rate change and trend survey, and here’s a look at what is most important: • Catastrophes from 2018, including Hurricanes Florence and Michael, will extend the moderate upward pressure on...

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Weekly Rewind: 10.29.18

Thanks for checking out the Sihle Insurance Group Weekly Rewind. Between the events we host at our Altamonte Springs location and the community events our agents are frequently part of, we needed a way to keep up with all the activities. That's how the Weekly Rewind...

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Insuring A Vacation Home

Insuring A Vacation Home Your vacation home needs to be insured, as with any residence. However, since the risks are different, the coverage might cost more than your primary homeowners policy. Secondary vacation homes can give you a break from work, and...

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Buying Your First Home Insurance Policy

Buying Your First Home Insurance Policy Save Money with These Tips  Finding ways to save money when you buy your first home becomes a huge priority for first-time homeowners. Whether you are buying a condo or a house, you will want to find insurance that will...

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Wind Mitigation Inspections

WIND MITIGATION INSPECTIONS Florida is well known for all of the damage caused during our stormy seasons.  The power of wind can burst open windows, doors, split open walls, creating and increasing uplift forces on the roof.   Once the wind breaks open any part of the...

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HO6 Condo and Townhome Insurance

HO6 Condo Insurance Policy HO6 Condo Insurance or HO6 Townhome Insurance is a specific insurance policy created for the unique needs of Condo’s and Townhome’s throughout the United States. The HO6 is a Named Perils Policy The HO6 policy for your Condo or Townhome is...

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