The Great Towel Debate

The Great Towel Debate

It was the tweet seemingly heard ’round the world this Presidents’ Day long weekend. A seemingly innocuous question from Twitter user “Abdul,” sparked a heated debate as to how many towels a household should own.

In true 2019 fashion, it spiraled into a long thread of people debating bath towels vs. hand towels (one user even asking what a hand towel IS.). You can read a nice little recap of the thread here.

Here at Sihle, we not only insure homeowners, but also additional properties that some use as rental properties. Check out how many towels the experts say to have stocked in your rental property according to this in depth reporting from The New York Times.

Cruise Ship Crashes Into Moorings

Cruise ship crashes into dock

EPIC FAIL for the Norwegian Epic. The Port Canaveral-based ship crashed into a dock yesterday in Puerto Rico. But guests say the problems started before that:

Posted by WESH 2 News on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Things took an epically bad turn for the Norwegian Epic cruise line as it attempted to dock in Puerto Rico. Watch the video as the boat completely crushes the structures.

Click here for more horror stories from passengers on that trip, and click here for how Sihle can help make sure your docks, boats, all things adventure are insured.

Visit the World’s Largest Private Car Collection

The old Artegon Center has been transformed into an incredible garage filled with the world’s largest private auto collection. Click here for more information on how you can see these up close and personal.

(You can also click here if this story made you think ‘huh…I need to shop around for new insurance for my car. I wonder if Sihle can do that?’ Yes. We can.)

New Jersey Man Caught On Camera Faking Slip and Fall

A 57 year old man from New Jersey was caught on camera attempting to fake a slip and fall. The video is being used as evidence in his arrest for attempt to commit insurance fraud.

You can read the entire story here…and you can connect with one of our experts to make sure your business insurance policy is up to date here.

(Out Sick)

It’s the Monday after the big game which means one thing…offices all over America will be a little on the quiet side.

An estimated 17.2 million workers are expected to be out today. Click here to read how The Workforce Institute at Kronos International studied the patterns of various people after the big game. Bosses are highly likely to be out, but the younger generation is said to have the most “anxiety” about going in to work after partying.

Here’s a quick peak at the highlights of the study:

  • More than a third of senior-level/executive leaders (36 percent) say they may not work their normal hours on Super Bowl Monday compared to just a fifth (20 percent) of junior and mid-level employees.
  • Bosses may have a better sense of humor about an empty workplace on Monday, too: nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of senior-level/executive leaders admit they think it’s funny when co-workers call out sick the day after the Super Bowl when they suspect they’re not actually sick, compared to approximately half (51 percent) of junior and mid-level employees.
  • The Super Sunday Scaries are real: 45 percent of employees aged 18-34 confess they are more likely to have anxiety about going back to work the Monday after the Super Bowl than any other Sunday during the year, which is the highest among any age group

The Price of the Big Game

Sure, the game is the reason for the season, but it’s the commercials that will be part of the Monday office chatter.

This year, advertisers are going heavy on the celebrity appearances, comedy, and of course…puppies.

The average cost of a commercial during the game this year sitting at $5.25 million. With that in mind, MarketWatch compiled a list of what it would cost if you bought every single product or service advertised this year.

It can be yours for a cool $191,803.68. Click here for how they got there.