The Orlando Sanford International Airport Contract for Employee Benefits Insurance  Is Awarded To Sihle Insurance Group

The Orlando Sanford International Airport Contract for Employee Benefits Insurance Is Awarded To Sihle Insurance Group


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The Orlando Sanford International Airport Contract for Employee Benefits Insurance
Is Awarded To Sihle Insurance Group

Sanford, FL, July 30, 2018

Sihle Insurance Group, The Enterprise Team, is eager to announce the awarded contract for Employee Benefits Insurance during the period of October 2018 through September 2019 with the Orlando-Sanford International Airport.

The contract process involved qualified proposals from five firms that were submitted in a timely manner and ranked by the board in accordance to recommendations. The Enterprise Team at Sihle Insurance Group is proud of their accomplishment of a 100% board approval and acceptance of their proposal.

Airport President Diane Crews welcomed the Enterprise Team, stating “The welfare of our employees is one of our top priorities at the Airport, and we look forward to working with the Enterprise Team to ensure the continued maintenance of their healthcare needs at the highest affordable level.”

About Sihle Insurance Group:

Sihle Insurance Group is one of the largest family owned and operated agencies in Florida, and consistently ranks “Top 100” countrywide since its founding in 1974. Whatever your insurance needs are across commercial or personal lines, we have a personalized strategy to your individual situation that provides the best outcomes with quality products and services.

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EnterpriseHR and Sihle Insurance Group Announce their Strategic Partnership in the PEO and Workers Compensation Sector

EnterpriseHR and Sihle Insurance Group Announce their Strategic Partnership in the PEO and Workers Compensation Sector

Altamonte Springs, FL, April 6, 2018

Sihle Insurance Group is extremely excited about the newly formed partnership with EnterpriseHR as their trusted agency partner.  EnterpriseHR is a Human Resource Organization and PEO headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL with a concentration of business in the construction and blue collar industry sectors. EnterpriseHR brings together the related disciplines of a consistent platform that includes payroll, benefit administration, workers’ compensation and human resource functions into a single source, eliminating the need to staff internally or outsource these functions. “We are thrilled to have a policy with State National thru Tee & Gee Underwriting Managers.  PEO’s have to be partners with their carriers for it to work well,” Tim Russell, President of EnterpriseHR, said in the statement.  “We look forward to a growing EnterpriseHR with State National.  None of this would be possible without the help and persistence of Tee & Gee and Sihle Insurance Group.”

Combined, Sihle and Tee & Gee convey over six decades of insurance expertise tailored to the PEO sector in designing, underwriting and servicing niche insurance programs. “PEO’s have very unique insurance needs that can greatly benefit when partnering with trusted insurance advisers who are well versed within their industry. It is our pleasure to service and form this strategic partnership with EnterpriseHR and Tee & Gee, providing another Workers’ Compensation program to further balance and stabilize their client portfolio.” said Sihle Insurance Groups’ PEO Division Leaders. “We are excited to have written a policy for EnterpriseHR to help them with their risk financing strategies and look forward to a long term relationship with EnterpriseHR and Sihle”, said Steve Goldberg, President of the Tee & Gee Group. In the increasingly complex and litigious environment that small and medium sized businesses must function today, partnerships between Program Managers, like Tee & Gee Underwriting Managers, Sihle Ins. Group and PEO owners have exceptional possibilities for success which brings added value to the PEO, the Insurance Agency and Program Manager and last but certainly not least, the client companies that entrust their back office administration functions to this industry.

Sihle Insurance Is Featured By The Insurance Journal

Sihle Insurance Is Featured By The Insurance Journal

Sihle Insurance Group was proud to be recognized by the Insurance Journal as finding success through utilizing service centers. Lou Mitchell, our Chief Operating Office, discussed our strategy to increase our small business book with this method, and how it proved to be successful with our small business book growing up to as much as 15% each year. You can read more about utilizing service centers as well as the other strategies for success at:  

5 Reasons A Chubb Cornerstone Agency is Important To You

5 Reasons A Chubb Cornerstone Agency is Important To You

As a leader within the insurance industry, Chubb has been rooted in quality protection, dedication to continuously scaling and innovating new products, as well as service that can’t be beat. In order to continue in distinction, Chubb has created the Cornerstone Agency program for its elite partners to be recognized as individuals and companies alike search for the protection that only they can provide.

The following reasons are why a Chubb Cornerstone Agency is important to you:

1.Access To An Elite Group of Experts

Designation of this exclusive membership to Chubb’s Cornerstone program is reserved for only top performing brokers and agencies. There are more than 15,000 agencies worldwide, but only the top 3% of those are recognized as having a depth of knowledge regarding Chubb’s services, and products in combination with exceptional customer service.

2.  Added Bonuses

With a highly sought after designation as a Chubb Cornerstone Agency, Chubb provides added bonuses to agencies who are part of the elite few that work so hard to achieve and maintain this special privilege such as:

  • 24-hour Customer Service
  • Direct Access to Senior Executives at Chubb Insurance
  • Special coverage needs and exceptions that are not granted to non-Cornerstone agencies
  • Assurance that clients receive the highest quality service in the event of a loss through special claims contacts

3. Reserved Capacity for Catastrophic Response

Chubb Cornerstone Agencies have access to special project funding when the worst case scenario occurs. When handling claims after catastrophic events, this is an elite service provided to clients.

4. Checks and Balances

The challenge in becoming a Cornerstone Agency is quite the prestigious honor when it is finally awarded and something to be proud of. However, maintaining this status is a long-term commitment.  In order for an agency to keep its status, they must maintain service and production levels

5. Highly Trained Experts

Cornerstone Agencies have direct access to senior claim professionals with a thorough knowledge across local, state, and Federal laws when it comes to your claim. A dedicated liaison is assigned to Chubb Cornerstone Agencies a single point of contact for all concerns and issues that relate to claims.

Sihle Insurance has the honor of being a prestigious Chubb Cornerstone Agency for the past 7 years in a row. Have you experienced the Chubb Cornerstone Agency difference with Sihle Insurance?


Hanover’s President’s Club Appointment

Hanover’s President’s Club Appointment

Sihle Insurance Appointed to The Hanover’s President’s Club

Sihle Insurance recently was appointed to The Hanover Insurance Group’s President’s Club, an elite group of independent insurance agencies from across the country.

Agencies named to the company’s President’s Club are recognized for delivering outstanding value to their customers through insurance expertise and responsive service.

Sihle Insurance was one of only 125 independent agencies recognized with this distinction across the country. The Hanover partners with a select group of 2,200 independent agents nationwide.

“The team at Sihle Insurance truly understands the needs of its customers and delivers a top-of-the-line customer experience, providing expert insurance counsel and high-quality service,” said John C. Roche, president, Hanover Agency Markets. “We’re proud to partner with Sihle Insurance and appreciate its commitment to going above and beyond to serve its customers.”
The agency was formally recognized for its inclusion in the company’s President’s Club at a national business conference in Laguna Beach, Calif.
“This is a recognition of the value we place on providing specialized and innovative insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers,” said Mike Sihle, President at Sihle Insurance. “We are proud to be recognized with this honor for the first time and will continue to meet these standards.”