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Fourth of July Insurance Risks to Avoid

The fun and frivolity of July 4th brings a whole slew of risks. We chatted with our Personal Lines Sales Manager Catina McKenzie and Insurance Agent Eric Dudley about the unique high risk environment the Fourth of July presents us with. Take a look at the most common insurance claims surrounding the holiday, and the best ways to avoid them:

#1 Fireworks

While not surprising as a top risk, a fireworks-related accident will be covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. Fireworks were involved in almost 9,100 of the reported injuries in 2018. With burns accounting for more than 44% of the injuries, safety is a top priority. If someone is injured on your property, a standard insurance policy automatically includes $100,000 of liability coverage.

#2 Drunk Drivers

As with any holiday, there is an increased risk of drunk driving. Beer sales are the highest on the Fourth of July (even more than St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve.) According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, 40% of all traffic deaths during the first week of July 2017 were alcohol-related, making July the deadliest month. Outside of the extreme dangers to yourself and others, a DUI could cause you to be disqualified for some car insurance carriers and your rates will likely increase substantially if you retain coverage.

#3 Grilling Accidents

A grill can be left unattended, have leaks in the propane lines, a buildup of grease, or could be in need of a good cleaning. All of these things can lead up to a massive issue. Fire departments respond to nearly 10,000 home fires involving grills and barbecues which can add up quickly in property damages.

#4 Boating and Water Risks

The Fourth is a great holiday to get the boat out onto the water, and you certainly will see an increase in company on the lakes and waterways. More boats means a higher risk for accidents. You can click here for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary tips on staying safe.

Unfortunately, this holiday is also high risk for drownings. From Memorial Day through Labor Day in 2017, at least 163 children under the age of 15 fatally drowned in swimming pools. Nearly 70% of those were under the age of five. As you can see, Florida leads the nation in these unfortunate statistics. Keeping an eye on children and practicing water safety is key.

Click here for more from the CPSC.

While these risks bring up the clear and present threats surrounding the Fourth of July, you can connect with one of our personal lines experts here to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect you and your family this holiday. We wish you and yours a very safe Fourth of July!

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