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Money Saving Discounts

You May Qualify For The Following Homeowner Insurance Discounts

• Multi-Policy Discount – Save up to 20% when you combine home and auto policies with the same carrier.

• Accident or Loss-Free Discount – For customers who have not experienced a loss or accident.

• Protective Device Discount – When your home has certain devices in place such as smoke detectors, alarms, 24-hour security, community security guards, or home sprinkler systems you could qualify for this discount.

• New Builder Discount – Recent purchase of a home in the past 12 months.

Types Of Coverage You May Need
  • Content Coverage: Your policy will include some items within your home in case of a loss, however, if you have a small business out of your home or other high-dollar items such as artwork, jewelry or furs you may want to invest in additional content coverage.
  • Liability Coverage: A basic policy includes liability coverage for your home but there’s a chance that it might not be enough. If someone gets injured in your home you risk a monetary judgment ruled against you. If you have a dog that could bite someone, a trampoline, or even a pool, you may want to invest in some additional liability coverage.
  • Additional Replacement Coverage: Home insurance coverage is designed to replace the entire cost of rebuilding your home. As years pass by you may add-on to your home which would increase the amount of money needed to re-build. Also, keep in consideration the rising costs of materials to re-build your home if a total loss should happen.
  • Flood Coverage: Flooding doesn’t just happen during natural disasters such as hurricanes. It can happen from a typical thunderstorm, especially if you are close to a body of water. It is worth evaluating and a small cost to pay to cover you where your homeowner’s insurance stops with this natural occurrence happening more frequently.
  • Sewer-Backup Coverage: Any water that gets into your home through a pipe is not covered by flood insurance. Consider this coverage if you have a septic system or sump pump.
Who Are The Carriers We Work With?

Sihle Insurance offers more than 40 top rated insurance carriers that include names such as Chubb, Progressive, Safeco, and Travelers. You can take a look at our full listing of carriers under personal lines here: