It’s the Monday after the big game which means one thing…offices all over America will be a little on the quiet side.

An estimated 17.2 million workers are expected to be out today. Click here to read how The Workforce Institute at Kronos International studied the patterns of various people after the big game. Bosses are highly likely to be out, but the younger generation is said to have the most “anxiety” about going in to work after partying.

Here’s a quick peak at the highlights of the study:

  • More than a third of senior-level/executive leaders (36 percent) say they may not work their normal hours on Super Bowl Monday compared to just a fifth (20 percent) of junior and mid-level employees.
  • Bosses may have a better sense of humor about an empty workplace on Monday, too: nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of senior-level/executive leaders admit they think it’s funny when co-workers call out sick the day after the Super Bowl when they suspect they’re not actually sick, compared to approximately half (51 percent) of junior and mid-level employees.
  • The Super Sunday Scaries are real: 45 percent of employees aged 18-34 confess they are more likely to have anxiety about going back to work the Monday after the Super Bowl than any other Sunday during the year, which is the highest among any age group