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Top Seven Distractions for Drivers

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. While external factors are all around us (especially with the year-round construction season in Florida), we wanted to remind you of the top issues facing you on the roads. According to the CDC, here are the activities that pull attention away from the road the most often:

7. Zoning Out: This is commonly referred to as “driving on autopilot.” Make it home but don’t remember the drive that well? You could be zoning out.

6. Not looking at the road: This falls under checking out billboards, scenery, landmarks, anything that can peel your eyes off from the path.

5. Passengers: Keds, pets, friends, family…they can all pull your attention away from the roads.

4. Grooming: Making sure your hair is in place for that meeting, quickly tossing on a sweatshirt, and other last minute items as you make it out the door can lead to a bigger issue with distraction.

3. Music/Controls: We get it. You want to hear the latest bop and are trying to pull it up. Searching for that perfect tune may just be the thing that causes you to lose focus on the road.

2. GPS: While you just may be turning down the music to find your destination, focusing on your GPS can make you turn a blind eye to oncoming issues, stop signs, lights, and more. This is heightened due to the nature of being in a place you are unfamiliar with.

1. Talking/Texting: Is anyone really surprised by this being the number one reason? Our cell phones have been found to the the cause of 26% of all car crashes.

In order to protect yourself against these distractions, make sure you are up to date on your auto insurance coverage. Click here to connect with our local experts who can advise you on how much coverage you need, and shop around to find you a great quote.

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