64% of companies on the 100 Healthiest Employers in America offer telehealth. 35% incorporate wearable devices. – Digital Commerce

Wearable technology: it’s not just for you and your friends to compete in closing your rings anymore. More and more workplaces are utilizing it to incentivize employees, encourage employees to use remote healthcare options, and to positively impact the bottom line.

So what can these employers actually monitor? The Washington Post took a look at how your every step (and possibly more) can be traced once your employer has access to your tech. Click here for the full story.

Outside of the “big brother is always watching” aspect, the direct impact on the bottom line is clear. By offering access to online doctors, less productivity is lost. Wearable technology allows remote monitoring for healthcare professionals, saving time and money for both the company and the employee.

The benefits of technology continue to be highlighted, as shown by Dr. Kevan Orvitz:

“The benefits of a wearable based wellness program extend beyond ROI as they increase productivity, dedication, and time spent on the job. Strong wellness programs are believed to reduce absenteeism while promoting productivity, increasing the efficiency of employees from an economic perspective. In addition to the physical repercussions of lacking a wellness program, unhealthy employees are more likely to disengage and are 43% more likely to have increased stress and anxiety. ” (HR Technologist)

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