“What is Bitcoin” was the most Googled term of 2018. We weren’t surprised, considering every 40 seconds a new business in the US is attacked by ransomware, and likely asked to pay using bitcoin.

It’s a frightening and expensive new trend hackers are using to hold your business and data ransom. Sometimes it comes through an email one of your employees was tricked into clicking on. Sometimes it comes through viruses. Sometimes it comes through exploiting software security vulnerabilities. It happens often and quickly, without any warning signs.

Sihle Insurance Group partners with Evolve MGA to work with businesses of all sizes on insurance policies to protect in the event of one of these attacks.  However, to better understand exactly what happens and how costly it can be to your business if you’re not covered, Evolve put together a handy recap on  ransomware and wire transfer fraud.


Sihle Ransomware & Wire Transfer Fraud Explained

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